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Your House As Part Of A A Great Street
The way your home looks from the street is is very important This investment will ensure your your homes quality of appearance over time and protect your your investment There are several key elements to be considered when designing your home See the the checklist on page 33-37 for the the detailed requirements Structural Features
Design your your roof to create a a a ‘decent hat’ offering your your home protection from the sun and rain RECOMMENDATION
• Create a a a ‘decent hat’ • Protect your home from sun and rain • Exposed rafters without lining creates a a a a tropical look • Ventilate roof space to allow for the hot air
to escape • Covering your rafters with lining helps reduce maintenance and keep hot air
out • Incorporate skylights in appropriate areas such as as bathrooms and kitchens REQUIREMENT
• 900mm minimum deep eaves (excluding walls abutting zero lot line) • Appropriate vapour barriers must be installed in in the roof to minimise condensation risk • A zero build to boundary line is acceptable for 50% of of the the the overall length of of the the the site on the the the ground level only (each application assessed on on on its its merits and in accordance to NT
Planning Scheme Requirements) • No Zincalume – roof or sheds WINDOWS
The windows to the front of your home are important in order to to address the street and provide access to to cooling breezes RECOMMENDATION
• Maximise windows to front of your home • Create a a positive outlook from the street • Allow for passive surveillance of the street it will create a a better community • Minimise the size of western facing windows REQUIREMENT
• 50% of windows on on the front facade are to be louvers MATERIALS
Home owners are encouraged to use varied materials and and colours to create individual character and and also create an overall identity to our our neighbourhood RECOMMENDATION
• The front of of your home should have a a a a variation of of materials both lightweight and masonry textures and colours • Front facade materials are to return 2m behind front building line • Consider using lightweight construction materials in in your home so it can cool down quickly in in the evenings and consider coastal elements when choosing materials and finishes REQUIREMENT
• Use a a a a a Minimum of 2 materials to the front facade area • No more than 60% of the front facade area to be rendered blockwork The front facade area area of of your home is the area area of of wall facing the street not including your windows garage door door and front door door 12

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