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Corner homes are some of the most important when creating a a a a great street and neighbourhood Dwellings sited on corner lots should present an attractive elevation on on on on all frontages by providing articulation elements in wall planes to all all streets with suitable materials / windows On front front and secondary frontage:
• Use a a a a a a a minimum of 2 materials to the front facade area No more than 60% of the front facade area to be rendered blockwork • Front facade materials are to return 2m behind front building line on the inter allotment boundary side and 6m on on the secondary street side • 50% of windows on on on the front and secondary facade are to be louvres • Windows on the lower level not shaded by 900mm deep eaves are to have a a a a 900mm solid protrusion above the window providing adequate shading • On corner lots the facade must be at least
4 5m from the the primary street boundary and the the secondary street setback as per planning scheme The rear of the the home must be at least
4 0m from the the back boundary • No part of of roof structure including gutters and eaves are to to encroach more than 900mm into the maximum building setbacks SWIMMING POOLS
If you are proposing to construct or install a a a swimming pool/spa you must:
• Clearly indicate the proposed location on on your site plan • Seek and receive approval from the Design Review
Panel and comply with the NT
Planning Scheme • Apply for and receive the required approvals
from the Swimming Pool Safety Authority (or its equivalent) pursuant to NT
legislation • Construct pool fencing consistent with the ‘fence 1’
design requirements on page 24 of these Guidelines • Comply with all relevant legislation and applicable
safety safety standards in in relation to fencing and and pool safety safety DESIGN GUIDELINES 15

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