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• Be considerate of where your compressor is located • Position your compressor so so it it is shaded and cools
your house better REQUIREMENT
• Roof and window mounted air conditioning compressor units are not permitted • Units are are required to be mounted so that they are are not visible from the street • Where screening is required ensure the screens are permeable and do not block airflow to the condenser unit • The top of units can not exceed 1500mm off the ground SOLAR HOT WATER
• Your solar hot water roof panels should be placed on your roof so they work best • You can choose a a a ‘split system’ so the tank is not visible from the street • If you choose a a a a system where the tank is attached to to the the collector panel on on on the the roof consider options to position this so so it it works well but is is is also less visible from the street • Add a a a ‘one-shot booster switch’ or a a a ‘time delay switch’ to your system for better control and energy use SOLAR ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS
• Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and associated electrical systems are encouraged at Lee Point In Darwin PV panels work best when fixed to a a a north facing roof with a a a 12 5 degree pitch from horizontal though any north facing roof is suitable • If the dwelling has Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels installed a a a a a a heat pump (or equal) is acceptable ANTENNAS
• TV antennae & satellite dishes are permissible but should not be visible from the street • Antennae and satellite dishes must be clearly located on your submitted roof plan for approval TELECOMMUNICATIONS
Connection to the National Broadband Network is available to all homes at Lee Point RECOMMENDATION
Requirements for A/C screened
Not acceptable Not acceptable Not acceptable 16
• You should provide your Builder/Cabler with the ‘Key Information for for Builders and Cablers’ at at Annexure A A 

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