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Examples of Great Front Facades
simple details
roof extended as shelter and shading to front verandah
welcoming home with deep shaded front verandah
front porch creates a a relaxed home variation in in materials combination of both lightweight and masonry colour and texture
sheltered defined entry
stepped wall lines breaks up a a a a flat front facade
deep eaves (min 900mm) with exposed structure creates tropical feel
deep and shady verandah/pergola elements
sheltered defined entry
garage setback 1m (min) from front building line simple roof forms light coloured pre-finished metal sheeting
maximise windows to the front facade
– keeping your eyes
on the street
50% louvre windows to front facade
min 2x different materials with no more than one material being 60% of facade
simple garage door in in plain colour GARAGE 50% max main walls light colours with accents of colours to feature elements
PERGOLA / VERANDAH 30% recommended

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