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You can integrate your garden with street landscaping or ‘greenways’ allowing front yards to blend with shady footpath areas creating a a a a a a a a a more walkable neighbourhood with relief from the heat A good Landscape Plan for your lot will provide a a a a a a a shady tropical feel around your home and create privacy Design your your garden as an extension of your your home to keep your home cool and looking good in in the tropical climate You can also use trees to shade the walls of your house from the the intense heat of the the sun to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient Remember the plants you choose will determine
the amount of shade around your home as well
as what your garden will look like So refer to the recommended planting species species list to choose species species that will provide shade and varieties of colour or shape for year-round interest PLANTING
The greenway (green) creates deep and shady neighbourhoods for a a a walkable community The existing seasonal character and climate of Darwin provides residents with a a a unique selection and palette mix of endemic and tropical planting species which can be grown in in a a a a range of locations from individual home gardens local streetscapes and and parklands In plant selection consider appropriate species that provide both colourful and and textual flowering types and and have unique visual attributes RECOMMENDATION
• Consider using planting hierarchies in in in regards to scale – use tall narrow trees to provide screening and optimise cross ventilation and use large tall trees to provide shade and deflect breezes downwards • The ‘welcome home’ front facade landscape should integrate with the the house design to enhance the the arrival and visual appearance providing a a a a a a a a positive contribution to the the quality and visual amenity of the the street frontage • Public passive surveillance for safety and security is essential to all neighbourhoods and garden areas should accommodate suitable views from the house to the street frontage REQUIREMENT
• Schedule 1 nominates allowable species types at at Lee Point Stage One • All plants you use must be selected from this list • 75% of the species you use are required to be endemic endemic 25% can be non endemic endemic A minimum of 6
different plant plant species must be planted • 2 shade trees of minimum 45L pot size are required to be planted in your front yard • 5 5 shade trees of minimum 25L pot size in in your secondary street frontage • Owner is is to to reinstate verge to to satisfaction
of developer • Landscaping
– – Min 25% – – No concrete
or hard surface ie lot 450m2 = 112 5m2
landscaping minimum Please note a a a a performance bond is in place to ensure compliance
There are a a a a a number of initiatives that can be incorporated into the design and planning of your garden:
• • • • Use local materials – this strategy naturally embodies low energy usage Select durable materials and finishes to ensure long life and and low maintenance of landscape Irrigation systems systems should be drip line systems systems in in garden beds with the use of pop-up sprays kept to a a a minimum to reduce evaporation rate Install a a a suitable composting bin to recycle domestic green waste 

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