Page 30 - Lee Point - Design Guidelines
P. 30

Non-organic mulch
along narrow sides and rears: facilitates drainage and accessibility in wet season
Screening plants positioned along fences outside bedrooms and living rooms Utilities area: drying area adjacent to laundry with paved access and clearance Services and outdoor structures should be located in this area Screen fence and gate in semi-open design Driveways to be simple finishes mid to to light tones and neutral colours to complement the house colour scheme
Private open space
Attractive planting outside living rooms and deck
Covered outdoor room area Tall narrow trees to provide amenity but not obstruct airflow
Batten screen or open fence design and gates
‘WELCOME HOME’ Visual interest
at entry A green entry contributing to the ‘laid back ’architectural design Planting to extend streetscape
visually and reduce dominance of garage/built form to streetscape
Streetscape canopy to be integrated into the front landscape to ‘blur’ the distinction between spaces ‘GREENWAY’
Create maximised connected canopy to provide shady and visually attractive walkable neighbourhood

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