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Covering letter identifying land owner contact details of of applicant two hard copies and and ‘soft’ copy of of each of of the following:
SITE PLAN (1:100) with lot no area boundary dimensions original and finished levels proposed batters existing service pits poles street trees etc dwelling outline (including upper storey) with setbacks to all all boundaries driveway paved areas retaining walls (height and type) location of proposed meters services sheds air conditioning hot water service service etc FLOOR PLANS
(1:100) with room layout decks balconies etc fully dimensioned including all external external changes of of wall direction all all external external doorways clearly clearly shown shown roof line clearly clearly shown shown including any variation to eaves width ELEVATIONS (1:100) with all all wall finishes and external features extent of any materials changes clearly indicated all windows and and doors type of glazing and and sun shading structures accurate line of existing and and proposed ground levels ceiling and and maximum ridge heights above ground Area and percentage of front facade materials to be shown for verification ROOF PLAN (1:100) demonstrating hot water services solar panels antennas/satellite dish locations etc LANDSCAPE PLANS
LANDSCAPE PLAN (1:100) showing proposed landscaping Site plan indicating building footprint garden and and and grass area area Hardstand areas including driveways paths and and and outdoor rooms Outdoor structures and and and services shown Fencing layout and and and type Landscaping coverage Planting design with species and plant size list ENERGY RATING CERTIFICATE
As certified by assessor COLOUR AND MATERIALS
Schedule with coloured images of of materials for external walls paint roof frames paved areas and any other prominent external portions show extent of materials on on on elevations DRAINAGE
Existing and and and finished site levels Plan clearly demonstrating overland flow path to street and and and storm water disposal to to street services Piped drainage where provided APPLICATION CHECKLIST
Signed and Dated * NOTE: The ‘Design Guidelines’ may be amended from time time to time time by Defence Housing Australia 38 LEE POINT DARWIN

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