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How to use these Design Guidelines
The Design Guidelines
for Precinct One at Lee Point have been developed to:
• Help you you you choose a a a a house that fits your your land and and your your lifestyle and the the principles of the the development • Help you choose a a a a house that is comfortable and appropriate for the Top End climate and more cost effective to run • Look after your investment by ensuring all homes are of a a a similar high quality • Enhance the value of your house and community in the short and and long term and and • Assist with with the approval process with with your designer or builder The “REQUIREMENTS” and “RECOMMENDATIONS” are clearly shown throughout this guideline to assist you you in in in identifying what you you must do do ( REQUIREMENT ) and what you can do do (RECOMMENDATION ) for good design outcomes At the back of this document you will find a a a detailed Design Checklist to to provide to to your builder for easy reference These guidelines are in in place to create a a a a consistent high quality of homes at Lee Point Your investment and compliance with the principles of this document may add to the value of your home and our community This document should be read in conjunction with the NT Planning Scheme and the Site examples for your lot Compliance with the NT Planning Scheme 2020 is the Owner’s responsibility in conjunction with a a private building certifier For more information please contact the Design Review Panel (DRP):
Phone: (08) 8984 3066
Email: designreview@dpldevelopments com au

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