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House Design Approval Process
Congratulations on on on selecting a a a a a a block of land at at at Lee Point Once you have settled the contract on on on on on the land construction must commence within 18 months STEP 1 Prepare plans Choose your home with a a a a a a a contract builder or engage an an architect to design your home STEP 2 Obtain an independent energy rating certificate for your design STEP 3 Owner to submit application plans energy rating certificate landscape plan plan checklist and and any other documents required under your Contract of Sale to the the Design Review Panel (DRP) for approval Please note you must have all required documents to the DRP within nine (9) months from the date you you become owner of your property You should allow approximately (10) days for a a response STEP 4 After obtaining approval from the Design Review Panel lodge your planning application to a a a a a a a a Private Certifier for approval STEP 5
Start construction and and and finish your home and and and landscaping within 12 months of the construction start date Obtain Permit to to Occupy and and provide copy to to the DRP Request your final inspection and and written approval Please note As per Clause 5
3 (d) of the Lee Point Stage 1 Covenant :
“The Covenantor (Owner) must not reside reside or or permit any person to to reside reside in in a a a Building on on the the the the Property Property without first allowing the the the the DRP DRP to inspect the the the the Property Property and the the the the DRP DRP confirming compliance with the DRP’s approval STEP 6 Obtain letter from DRP DRP confirming compliance of home and and landscaping with DRP’s approval approval Letter will confirm approval approval to to release performance bond (refer to to the contract for for the the the the sale of the the the the land) Provide this letter letter to to to DHA’s solicitor solicitor If satisfied with the the the the letter letter the the the the solicitor solicitor will arrange for for the performance bond to be released DESIGN GUIDELINES 5
If you are are new to to building building in in in the Top End it it is important to to note that outdoor building building construction works are are limited during the wet season When planning your your build consider how long it will take to obtain your your approvals so so you you you are ready to build at the right time Welcome to your new neighbourhood!

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