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Design Principles
These guidelines have been established to achieve a a a a a modern tropical residential development appropriate for the Darwin climate and lifestyle with housing that is more comfortable and cost-effective to run By applying the design design principles below to the design design and construction of your home you you protect the the unique feel of your new neighbourhood and and the the comfort and and value of your home both now and in the future To ensure these principles are achieved throughout
the development we have established a a a number of requirements We have also recommended actions you can take when constructing your new home and liaising with your your builder These will enhance your your home and lifestyle making it as comfortable and cost-effective for for you as possible VENTILATION
Cross ventilation is the most energy efficient and cost effective way to cool your home By orientating your living areas to best capture the natural breezes your home will be cooler and require less air-conditioning A A DECENT HAT
Protection from the rain and sun is essential to creating a a comfortable house in in the Top End All buildings will have larger roof eaves to ensure building walls are better shaded from from the sun and rain is channeled away from from the the building in in fin the the wet Light coloured roofing reflects the heat from your home Covered shady outdoor living areas open up your your living space and connect your your home to your garden and the street GREEN STREETS
Precinct one at at Lee Point is planned to be naturally connected via Green Routes to Casuarina Coastal Reserve Buffalo Creek and Lee Point You can create a a a connection with this wider green network by planting shade trees and vegetation in in your your garden and around your your home This will provide a a a a a link with street landscaping allowing front yards to blend with shady footpath areas creating walkable neighbourhoods with relief from the heat SPACE AND EQUALITY
In Precinct One at Lee Point buildings have a a a minimum setback of of 4m at the the the rear of of the the the property to make the the the most of cooling breezes and increased privacy The frontage of lots vary with most ranging from 15m to 20m in width Consider room positioning within the building envelope of your lot to help provide privacy and a a a sense of space for you you and your neighbours 6

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