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6 Star Rating
Living in in in a a a a a a a tropical climate means your lifestyle within a a a a a a a home needs to to adapt to to the different seasons A well planned home should even during the wet season season mean your air conditioner gets very little use All homes will require a a a a 6 star rating through an accredited tool such as AccuRate or BERS Pro Designing a home with the environment in in in mind will achieve considerable savings in in energy consumption all year round Here are some simple ways to get the most out of your home design:
• Use light coloured walls and pavers to deflect the heat • Insulate walls and ceiling spaces • Plan for cross-flow ventilation • Ventilate ceiling spaces to allow for the hot air to escape • Shelter windows and openings against the rain
and direct sunlight REQUIREMENT
• A 6 star house energy rating certificate as certified by a a a a a nationally accredited assessor must be provided with your home design submission • Roof colour must be be selected from the palette below • No Zincalume – roof or sheds WALL & PAVER COLOURS
It is highly recommended you select a a light colour palette for the main exterior walls and pavers on your home Light colours aid in in reflecting the light from your home and result in in less heat absorption helping to keep your home cool naturally See an example of recommended wall colours below:
Use this palette for all all main walls and add accents of colour to feature elements like screens doors and bay windows ROOF COLOURS
All homes are required to have light coloured roofing By having a a light coloured roof on your home you you will easily improve your star rating Roof colours must reflect a a <0 50 (L-M) solar absorptance Building Code of Australia rating Examples of recommended colours below:

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