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Cross Flow Ventilation
To create a a a a a liveable home home which offers a a a a a cool environment homes are required to demonstrate how cross-flow ventilation will be achieved ONE ROOM DEEP
• Locate window openings to take advantage of the predominant breeze • Where windows cannot be orientated to the prevailing breeze consider the use of directional screens or blade walls to to direct breezes into your home • Increase natural cross ventilation with the use of ceiling fans • Where possible one bedroom should achieve cross-flow ventilation as above REQUIREMENT
In your home cross-flow must be achieved to one room (main living area perferred) and be cross ventilated with in-line windows or demonstrated equivalent on on either side of the the the room It is recommended the the the cross-flow should also be implemented parallel to the breezes There are to to be no walls or or major obstructions to to airflow and rooms are to be be a a a a maximum of 7m Design will be be based on on merits depending on on size and use of room When initially planning your home consider the use of elevated construction this type of home is is ideally suited to the tropics POP IN
Cross-flow ventilation: parallel windows no more than 7m apart
(Prevailing Breeze)
MAIN LIVING ROOM (preferred)
Crossflow must be achieved to one area of the home design Design will be assessed on merits depending on on orientation size and use of the room Minimum 1 1 2m wide x 1 1 8m high louvre or 1 1 8m wide x 1 1 5m high sliding window to be used where applicant uses option shown to achieve cross flow DESIGN GUIDELINES

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